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ALL this week, the Mail has been serializing the 2-Day Summer Diet — based on a new book of mouthwatering recipes from the doctors behind the 2-Day Diet revolution.

Whether you’re starting 2-Day dieting for the first time or seeking inspiration to keep going, these are the meals you need!

The beauty of this plan is that you need to diet for only two days a week. Just 48 hours of lowcarb, low-calorie meals will help retrain your appetite for good. For the other five days, you can feast on deliciously healthy, Mediterranean inspired meals.

The brainchild of award-winning research dietitian Dr Michelle Harvey and renowned oncologist Professor Tony Howell, the 2-Day Summer Diet is a clinically tested eating plan.

You will lose weight without counting calories and you could gain a whole host of related health benefits — from reducing your risk of breast cancer to fighting Type 2 diabetes.

In yesterday’s Mail we had easy 2-Day Diet meals that you could enjoy on a busy week night. Today, in our last installment, we present recipes that will allow you to enjoy a more luxurious dinner.

One of the joys of this plan is how easy it is. Whether it’s eating with the children or, as we show here, holding a dinner party in style, weight loss needn’t be painful with the Mail’s 2-Day Summer Diet.


BECAUSE the 2-Day Summer Diet has been devised by doctors, you can be confident that you are feeding your body exactly the right balance of nutrients it needs to fight disease and stay in peak condition.

Indeed, in creating a diet plan that is finely balanced to maximise health and protection against disease as well as keeping you slim, Dr Harvie and Professor Howell are now convinced that they have stumbled across the perfect, achievable blueprint for a healthy way of eating which ensures you never gain weight.

Even if you’ve never had a weight problem, there are certain life stages when your weight can become an issue, particularly for women.

The most common times for this are early motherhood, when you’re often too busy to eat properly, and the menopause, when hormonal changes make it more likely for fat to cling around your middle.

And it is a cruel fact that if we’re not careful, we will gain weight as we age.

Our metabolism (the rate at which we burn calories while we are at rest) slows down by as much as 5 per cent per decade, so we burn 100 calories fewer per day at 35 than we did at 25, and 200 fewer by 45. This could be enough to trigger an annual weight gain of half a stone.

This explains how creeping weight gain can seem like a never-ending battle, leaving us facing the prospect of a permanent succession of diets.

But studies of the 2-Day Diet show that in a slightly modified form, it could provide the perfect long term solution.

When the dieters in Dr Harvey and Professor Howell’s studies reached their target weight, they were advised to go on to a ‘maintenance plan’ of just one diet day per week, sticking with a modified version of the Mediterranean diet for the rest of the week. It successfully ensured that the weight they’d lost didn’t return.

Those who followed the maintenance plan also retained the health benefits they had achieved through the diet. In short, their weight and health were changed for the better, for ever.

The principle is the same if you’ve never dieted but you just want to stay slim and healthy. As long as you are active and you are prepared to earmark one day a week to stick to the prescribed 2-Day Diet restricted day blueprint that we outlined in Monday’s paper, the rest of the time you can enjoy a normal, healthy, Mediterranean-style diet.

What to eat to stay slim for ever

WHEN you’ve reached your target weight, you should move on to the diet’s maintenance plan, eating healthily for six days and dieting for just one.

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