how to protect the environment


how to protect the environment

how to protect the environment :

MOST of us are fully cognizant of our right to live: We have reason to insist that no one can take our life away, on the basis of mere whim or caprice or preference. Our life is ours to give. Since it is Gods very precious gift to us, it is for us to live it fully and meaningfully.

For a full and meaningful life, we do need to grow, using and sharpening from good use the many talents with which we have been equipped as well as those we can acquire. In order to be able to do this all throughout our life, we need a good, conducive, and healthy environment.

That environment has to be healthy in all respects. The physical, social, and moral aspects of the environment need to be conducive to the acquisition, proper use and full development of our personal talents.

A “clean and green” physical environment is necessary for all of us. Within such an environment, all of us should be able to grow, become strong, stay in shape and in top bodily health for as long as possible.

The social environment has to be conducive as well. The warmth of a home, the support and affection of true friends, the impetus from a competitive and open economy, and the positive challenge of a free and open society should be the ambience within which meaningful relationships are forged, ties are strengthened, and motivation heightened.

The cultural environment is as critical as the other aspects of the environment in which we live and grow, work and develop.

Fundamental goals we’re contributing to:

A better quality of life An enhanced environment for wildlife Environmental outcomes we’re striving for:

Cleaner air for everyone Improved and protected inland and coastal waters Restored, protected land and healthier soils Changes we’re seeking:

A “greener” business world Risks and problems we’ll help manage, prevent and overcome:

Limiting and adapting to Wiser, sustainable use of natural resources climate change Reducing flood risk We cannot achieve this vision by ourselves.

We are involved, therefore, in a range of partnerships to promote sustainable development in Wales. For example, with Countryside Council for Wales and the Welsh Development Agency,

we have commissioned a guide to Maximising the Environmental Sustainability of the West Wales and the Valleys Objective 1 Programme. At the other end of the scale, we are a partner in the Enfys consortium,

headed by Wales Council for Voluntary Action, that is managing the New Opportunities Fund Green Spaces and Sustainable Communities Programme.

MUCH-LOVED animals and plants in the North East will be protected, thanks to a new report.
The North East Environment Forum has just published the first North East Strategy for the Environment, which celebrates the unique environment we have in the region and pushes to keep it thriving in the future.

The forum, a partnership involving the Environment Agency, Natural England and the Northumberland Wildlife Trust, among others, is seen as the regional champion for the environment.

It believes the region has many positive environmental attributes such as the quality of its rivers, but also faces challenges because of climate change and the loss of habitats and species in the North East.
The document sets out ways in which the region can protect and enhance its environment while continuing to grow the economy.

The Rt Hon Nick Brown, Minister for the North East, said: “This is the first environmental strategy for the North East of England. It is designed to sit alongside and complement the region’s economic strategy.
“Although it is not a statutory document, it’s an important part of the overall strategy for our region.