benifits of Honey


benefits of Honey

benefits of Honey

Honey is the saliva of bees, a sweet substance brought out by the bees from his stomach, which brings together the nectar of flowers, an important food contains sugars mostly mono and yeast and amino acids and vitamins and minerals. Honey is made from the nectar of flowers collected by the bees of the various flowers and spread around the pastures

When most people travel, they buy mugs, postcards, and T-shirts for souvenirs. Lauren Rusert comes home with honey. More than 40 jars and bottles of the sweetener are lined up on a shelf in her kitchen, representing producers from as far away as Brazil, Argentina, Italy, France, and Spain.

Rusert’s fascination with honey was sparked in 2003 when she was a high school freshman in California.

“A friend’s mom asked if I wanted to help extract honey from their hives,” she said. “That was an amazing experience, and from then on, I started learning everything I could about bees and honey.”

Later, Rusert started collecting honey wherever she went. Today, her ever-changing assortment includes several varieties from a Maui beekeeper that are mixed with pollen, which purportedly relieves symptoms of allergies.

“All of my honeys taste different,” Rusert said. “There are probably as many descriptors for honey as there are for wine. For example, some are nutty, others are buttery, still, others are tangy. I drizzle honey on cereal, put it in tea and coffee, spread it on bread and crackers, and substitute it in recipes that call for sugar. Honey is versatile; if you like to cook, you can get really creative with it.”

Rusert is the apiary associate for the state Department of Agriculture’s Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit. One of her responsibilities is to help manage research bee colonies that have been bred to fend off the varroa mite and small hive beetle, which devastated bee populations statewide several years ago.

She also volunteers as the public relations coordinator for the Hawaii Honey Festival, spearheaded by the Hilo-based Big Island Beekeepers Association to raise awareness about the importance of honeybees as pollinators and to foster people’s appreciation for local raw natural honey.

This year’s second annual event will feature children’s activities, including a scavenger hunt, face painting, and bee box painting. Attendees can get close-up looks at observation hives, learn about pests threatening bees and talk story with 20-year-old Susannah Austin, the reigning American Honey Queen. In that capacity, she’s the spokeswoman for the American Beekeeping Federation, which represents beekeepers and honey producers throughout the United States.

There will also be live music, beekeeping and mead-making demonstrations, and booths selling honey turkey corn dogs, honey grilled vegetables, honey macadamia nut brie, honey pumpkin tarts, honey lilikoi punch and more.

In addition, festivalgoers will be able to taste all 64 entries in this year’s Hawaiian Natural Honey Challenge and vote for their favorites in the People’s Choice category. BIBA launched the juried event in 2010 to recognize Hawaii’s unique honeys and hardworking beekeepers.

To compete in the challenge, producers must use a natural process, meaning their honey can’t be heated or contain additives that enhance its taste, texture and color. On Nov. 4, a panel of nine judges rated each entry on appearance, aroma, texture, taste and floral source in liquid, solid (crystallized and spreadable) and honeycomb categories.

– The benefits of honey to the human body

. He fights excess weight because honey contains natural sugar
. The body is energized by having many calories
. Improves the function of the body, by improving the efficiency of the digestive system, in addition to the relief of stomach acids that lead to an ulcer
. Maintains ovaries in women, reduces problems that occur in women’s womb, in addition to being used as a dwelling place for menstrual pain
. Promotes the functions of the reproductive system. He fights depression and tension
. Contains many minerals and enzymes that enhance the immune system and make it more resistant to microbes and bacteria
. Treats some allergies like spring allergies. Treats respiratory problems, such as a sore throat, cough, and cold. The body detoxifies, by stimulating the liver to get rid of toxins accumulated in the body. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by reducing harmful cholesterol in the body

آ Benefits of honey for the face: –

Opens the skin and increases its freshness and brightness. Contains vitamins and minerals important in nourishing the skin
. Increases the brightness and freshness of the skin and skin due to it contains antioxidants
. Treat pimples, as well as get rid of facial impurities
. Help get rid of bacteria and germs lingering on the skin
. Used as a moisturizer for the skin.