fenugreek testosterone


fenugreek testosterone

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fenugreek testosterone

fenugreek testosterone Many people are advised to take the fenugreek for men, because it has great benefits on the health of men and their sexual ability, and it is a basic component used by companies in the supplements for men, but how true, and does the fenugreek actually affect the increase of testosterone in men? This is what we will discuss with you today in the mnasd.

Many believe that the fenugreek has a great effect on the increase of testosterone in men, but also the fenugreek contains dairy diuretics, which increase the hormone prolactin, which is why the fenugreek is used frequently by nursing women. However, when men take to the fenugreek, they will not increase their milk production – except in some cases – but they will also increase the level of prolactin in their bodies. This increase in prolactin has a somewhat adverse effect on testosterone levels by inhibiting dopamine ) fenugreek testosterone


What are the contents of the fenugreek?

The plant is rich in: – vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, A, C, folic acid) Mineral salts (calcium, potassium, copper, iron, zinc, magnesium) Amino acids (trigonellin, ) Large quantities of sabonen and fiber.

But does the fenugreek raise testosterone?

But does the fenugreek raise testosterone? Probably but mostly not. Some of the studies on the fenugreek sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and dietary supplements containing the fenugreek, resulted in good results in the increase of testosterone, and increase the strength of resistance and improve the structure of the muscle of the man, and contain the fenugreek on compounds that help build testosterone, Calcium and magnesium and others, it was normal to occupy the fenugreek An advanced ranking in the dietary supplements industry for man.

Some studies have shown that, although the men’s muscle growth has increased, it has had no effect on testosterone levels. In one study, the 600-mg fenugreek extract was used on a group of healthy men, Any increase in testosterone levels. The fenugreek also has anti-thyroid effects, as did the experimental rats that disrupted the normal elevation of the T3 and T4 humon. This effect is likely due to trypsin, which can inhibit digestion of protein and disrupt thyroid hormone transfer.

In the end, we can see that the fenugreek may be useful for increasing muscle growth or milk production for mothers, but it will have no effect on increasing men’s sexual ability because it is not effective in increasing testosterone, but you can increase your testosterone naturally.

How does Fenugreek do that? 

1. It contains 4-Hydroxyisoleucine which causes you to secrete more insulin than you’d otherwise secrete and improves insulin sensitivity.
2. It contains trigonelline which trigger heat shock proteins that protect against oxidative stress. Given that all exercise causes oxidative stress, this may be beneficial.
3. It contains galactomannans that may slow the absorption of sugar by increasing the viscosity of food in your intestine. This should reduce both sugar and insulin spikes, leading to improved insulin sensitivity and improved health overall.

Benefits of the fenugreek of the body

1: works to improve the digestive system problems, such as stomach disorders, constipation and inflammation, improve the functions of the digestive system and get rid of colon infections.

2: protect heart patients from the crises and heart attacks that are exposed to them because they contain properties useful for heart health.

3: reduce inflammation in the body and get rid of mouth ulcers and boils.

4: treat diseases of the respiratory system, such as cough, inflammation of the people, cold and flu.

5: The fenugreek contains a large proportion of vitamins and minerals that fight cancer.

6: The fenugreek of the best natural herbs to treat kidney disease and get rid of infections.

7: Contains antioxidants that fight inflammation, especially arthritis and rheumatism.

8: Increased sexual desire include treatment of hernia, erectile dysfunction and other male problems, such as baldness is considered a dietary supplement includes many benefits.

9: Reduce inflammation outside the body such as pain, muscle swelling, dandruff, eczema and wounds.

10: Help slim people to gain weight and appetite.

So it is advisable to drink the plant of the Fenugreek because its benefits are many – and should not over-drink the Fenugreek to avoid bad  side effects

fenugreek testosterone

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