dog bite


dog bite

dog bite

Dogs are loyal companions and bring a great deal of joy to a lot of people, but not every dog is friendly. If a dog does not belong to you or you are not its handler then you should be respectful of the dog and the wishes of its master.

Today, there are about 75 million dogs in the United States. About 4.7 million dog bites are reported each year. That means that about 6.5% of dogs will bite a person seriously enough to be reported. Out of those 4.7 million reported bites, about 800,000 or one out of six is serious enough to need medical attention. So, each year 1% of dogs will bite somebody seriously enough that they need to go to the hospital. And those figures are assuming that each dog bite comes from a different dog. Most dogs are well-behaved and are not vicious, but people still need to know how to interact with dogs so they stay safe around them and prevent being hurt by a dog bite. Most bites are not the result of vicious and aggressive dogs, but instead are the result of people who are not aware of the boundaries of dogs.


Dog Bites Are Easy To Avoid

Most dog bites don’t need to happen in the first place. Knowing the limits of dogs and what makes them feel threatened is a great way to prevent them.. Dogs are animals and their first concern is self-defense. A dog is most vulnerable when sleeping, so if it is startled its natural reaction is to bite. This bite is a natural reaction that a dog can not control and doesn’t even know is happening. Another way to avoid being bitten is to refrain from putting your hands over a dog’s head, particularly if you are not familiar with the dog  Putting your hand over a dog’s head is something the dog may see as a threat. Another thing that dogs take as a threat or challenge is direct eye contact. With dogs that you are not familiar with you should avoid direct eye contact as the dog may see it as a threat. When you encounter a dog that is not yours you should always ask the owner or handler if it is okay to approach the animal and respect whatever they  They know if the dog is well-behaved or not and it is up to them to decide if they will allow you to interact with their animal. Even smaller dogs can do damage with a bite as the mouth of a dog is filled with all kinds of bacteria.

Steps to Take after a Dog Bite

The best way to react when somebody gets bitten by a dog is never to panic and to do the right thing. After a dog bites you or a family member, you have to seek medical attention and initially treat the victim, make sure others are not in danger when the dog is still around, find out the dog’s identity, talk to a witness, ask for the insurance information of dog owner, consult a dog bite lawyer, take pictures of the dog bites, report the incident to related authorities, and obtain other necessary assistance for the victim.

You have sought medical help, now what should you do next? This is a very common question that bothers the family and victims of dog bites. Here are suggested steps that will guide you to know what to do after a dog bite incident.

Seek medical attention and initially treat the victim

Right after the dog bites someone, immediately seek medical attention. Wile waiting for help, you can initially treat the victim by washing the bite with soap and water to help avoid infection. If there is any bleeding, apply pressure on the wound using a towel or a clean cloth. When medical assistance arrives, carefully take note of instructions for treatment and other possible remedies. Always follow instructions to make healing faster.

Make sure others are not in danger when the dog is still around

If the dog is still in the area, make sure other people are kept safe. Never let anybody run or make a commotion that will frighten the dog and make him more aggressive. Ask everyone near the dog to remain still and calm until the dog is away.

Find out the dog’s identity

Right after the incident has taken place, you need to identify whether the dog that bit the victim was a stray dog or personally owned. You can ask somebody to inquire about the owner of the dog, and gather basic information such as his name, address and contact details. You will need this information right after medical attention has been sought.

Talk to a witness

Whether the victim is seriously wounded or not, it is advisable to talk to a witness about the incident. Ask for contact details just in case you need his assistance for possible investigations.

Ask for the insurance information of dog owner

When the victim has been given medical assistance, approach or contact the owner of the dog and ask for insurance information. 


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