bacterial infection in dogs


bacterial infection in dogs

bacterial infection in dogs

Dogs are the best friend of man since they have been used since ancient times to perform various tasks including hunting and guarding, although the undeniable danger posed by these animals to human health if not taken care of properly and this is what prompted the health authorities in most of the world to develop a group One of the restrictions on allowing dogs to be kept indoors will be discussed in this article on dog diseases transmitted to humans and prevention methods.

Dog diseases transmitted to humans.

Diseases that can be transmitted to dogs and can be transmitted to humans include:-

dogs Rabies: The disease is one of the most common dog diseases, and is known as a viral disease that moves from dogs to humans by biting what causes severe inflammation in the brain, and may lead to death if not treated by appropriate
methods, including taking a dose of immune hemoglobin, And took four doses of dog serum over two weeks.

Giardia: The dog is infected by this disease as a result of the migration of Giardia parasites to the human body.

Ringworm: This disease is known as a fungal infection that affects the skin of the dog and then transferred to other parts of the body, which is a large infectious disease and transmitted to the human through simple contact with the infected dog, so should not allow the dog to sleep next to the owner for any reason.

Salmonella infection: This infection is a real threat to human health as it leads to gastrointestinal disorders and septicemia, and to abortion in the case of transmission to pregnant women.

Ways to prevent dog diseases:

Given the great danger that these diseases pose to human life in the event of transmission to it, it is necessary to take a series of preventive measures and methods, including:

The obligation to check the dogs periodically to ensure that they are free from diseases and give them the necessary vaccinations determined by the veterinarian.
Take care of your personal hygiene and be careful to wash your hands and disinfect them thoroughly after touching the dogs and before eating any meal.
Avoid direct mixing between the pet dog living at home and other stray dogs.and other stray dogs.
Adequate awareness of all diseases that can be infected by dogs due to the knowledge of the most important symptoms and simple diagnostic methods.

Ray doctors in a bacterial infection in dogs:

PUNE, Aug. 24 — The team of doctors from Maharashtra engaged in providing medical relief to flood-hit people of Kerala has expressed fear of an epidemic of leptospirosis and other water-borne diseases. Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection from farm animals, dogs and rodents, spread through their urine.

Speaking from Ernakulam, one of the worst-hit parts of Kerala, Dr Arshad Khan, chief coordinator, for the team of 89 doctors from Maharashtra, said, “So far, we have administered 15,000 capsules of doxycycline (200 mg) as a prophylactic measure. As of now the fear of an epidemic is lurking upon the people of Kerala. We are expecting an outbreak of water-borne infections and are in talks with our government and the Kerala health department for preventive measures.”

Dr Khan said that a massive diagnostic medical camp has been planned to deal with the infection in its early stages and offer treatment as early as possible “so that severe morbidity and mortality can be curbed as a result of the outbreak.”
He said in case there is a need for more doctors for the diagnostic camps, teams from Pune, Nagpur, Nashik and Mumbai are being organised. “As of now we are getting cases of fever, fungal infection, water-borne infection, chest and lung infection and diarrhoea,” he said.

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