acne vulgaris


acne vulgaris

acne vulgaris :

FORGET bad hair days. More and more of us are suffering from bad skin days,despite being well out of our teenage years.

acne vulgaris – Even celebrities are not immune to embarrassing breakouts of acne.

Actress Cameron Diaz and Victoria Beckham are both prone to zits and supermodels like Kate Moss are sometimes snapped with a corker or two on their chin.

But they are by no means a lone. According to latest research by Witch Skincare,pimples triggered by long working hours and a hefty workload are a major 21st century malaise, with half of all women aged over 25 becoming GUSSies -grown-ups with stress spots.

People of all ages have always been troubled by blemishes. However, there appears to be an alarming increase of women in their 20s suffering from exceptional levels of skin problems and they are crying out for help,”explains Witch skin care adviser,Claire Price.“The main culprit for this new phenomena is reported as, unsurprisingly, stress.”

One victim of grown- up acne is Gemma Cartmale from Prestatyn, who works as a PA and receptionist for a busy roof company. Sometimes I get rash-like spots and other times hard lumps,depending where they are on my face,”explains the 21-year old.

I do feel stressed at work,especially if we’ve got clients or important visitors in the office and I get nervous when I have to speak to a large group of people.

If I’m really busy at work and get hot and flustered I get more spots and I also touch myUse a pH balanced cleanser and oil-free moisturiser n Gently exfoliate your skin once a week to get rid of any dead skin cells and extra deep down cleansing n Keep hands and hair away from the face as they transfer oil and bacteria n Eat and drink healthily: Drink at least eight glasses of water a day plus foods high in zinc (oily fish)and vitamin A (vegetables such as spinach),C (citrus fruits)and E.

Cut down smokeing -it dries the skin n Try to limit your alcohol consumption as it too dries your skin n Remove excess grease and cleanse skin regularly. In particular, remember to take off your make- up before and after exercise and before you go to bed because sweat can block pores Avoid harsh skin care regimes n Don’t squeeze spots face a lot,especially when I’m talking, which can be enough to trigger an outbreak.”

And Gemma admits her complexion affects her confidence.“Having spots has always really bothered me,” she says.“I always wear foundation and concealer when I’m going out but if I’m honest I would never leave the house without having any on at all.

Also because I work on the front desk at work it’s important I look good and feel confident about myself.

People notice your skin,I get comments from friends who say that my skin either looks good or bad. I’ve tried washing my face more times each day, steaming several times a week,but nothing seems to make much difference.”

And Gemma,like many career women,has learned from experience that her skin is in much better condition when she is on holiday -relaxed and avoiding wearing make-up during the daytime .

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